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  • Enterprise Architecture development
  • Solution Architecture
  • Visual & UX design
  • Headless Implementation
  • Commerce Platform Delivery
  • Mobile App’s development
  • Security & Compliance
  • Omnichannel development
  • Continuous improvement
  • UX Enhancements
  • Custom development
  • Maintenance & Support


  • Magento
  • Adobe Commerce

Nestlé Nespresso, trading as Nespresso, is a subsidiary of the Nestlé Group headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. Nespresso machines make espresso and coffee from coffee capsules (or pods in home or professional machines), which are either pre-portioned single-use containers or reusable capsules (pods) containing ground coffee beans, occasionally with extra flavorings.

Nespresso is a global high-end coffee company with yearly sales exceeding 47,5 billion USD

Mygento has been successfully partnered with Nespresso for more than 6 years and this project serves as an example of Mygento's ability to carry out difficult constructions with high-load solutions. Through intricate connections and unique Magento modules, we successfully created a number of unique bespoke solutions to meet a variety of stakeholders and client groups


Nespresso has been on a path to modernize its eCommerce platform in order to provide the greatest digital experiences to its consumers. As the project based on Magento entered its following years, Nespresso discovered that development concerns were producing performance issues, putting the eCommerce channel at danger.

Mygento was chosen by Nespresso because of our extensive expertise migrating and replatforming merchants to Magento 2, as well as our reputation as one of the most experienced Magento Partners. By partnering with Mygento, Nespresso placed their Russian eCommerce operation in the capable hands of Magento 2 certified professionals that have expertise integrating several third-party Magento systems.

Tasks in brief were:

  • Increase solution Performance
  • Increase the scalability of the solution
  • Improve customer experience by introducing additional features and services
  • Make the development process more predictable to reduce future costs
Nespresso product


Tech stack

  • Magento
  • Nginx
  • Php-fpm
  • Jenkins
  • Varnish
  • Mariadb
  • Proxysql
  • Symfony
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • React
  • GO

Nespresso required a solid performance online shop after deciding to extend its market in Russia, anticipating thousands of consumers looking for home and office coffee alternatives. To increase sales and guarantee the efficiency of their website, Nespresso Russia collaborated closely with the Mygento team throughout this period.

An essential business partner

Nespresso Russia was releasing its new Magento 1 website at the end of 2015 when significant problems emerged. Particularly concerning was the slow and buggy checkout, and at that time the technical debt was very high and continued to grow, and the window of opportunity for fixing it was rapidly closing.

The growth strategic roadmap

Mygento started off with a comprehensive code review designed to find every problem and potential danger. We examined the store's operations, looked for performance bottlenecks, and gathered input from SEOs, marketers, and the contact center. These objectives included improving the mobile user experience, launching an optimization and customization plan, and enrich the current developed site with functionality that is available globally. The work of the present integration, future plans for its extension, the current WAF and its drawbacks, the operation of the caching system, and other matters were discussed with the IT team. After streamlining the shopping cart and payment processes, we released the website on Magento Commerce 2 and started building a roadmap for future projects.

Solution Highlights

Within the deadlines, Mygento:


Nespresso online store was successfully redesigned and replatformed by Mygento. Our objectives were to strengthen the relationship between consumers and brands, position Nespresso for audience and community growth, and update their digital branding and user experience so that it works effectively across all devices. The technical team at Mygento was also charged with reducing back-end inefficiencies, which eventually had the effect of reducing customer experience friction.

Customer engagement and conversion rates have significantly increased. Since its launch, Nespresso online store has witnessed a serious growth in total evaluations and a strong percentage of mobile use. Most of these evaluations were prompted by the noticeably quicker mobile-first experience, boosting the visitor impression rate.

The Nespresso marketing team may now update the website without contacting IT since they are less worried that the backend would malfunction. Important push alerts, quicker page loads, and future-proof scalability characterize Nespresso online store.

Caring about B2C customers, Mygento team focused on making it easier for them to identify the perfect product fast with a straightforward, intuitive category structure and navigation choices while designing the experience around their needs. This approach avoided the time, effort, and budget needed to implement and manage a custom product finder wizard–which is what Nespresso’s team originally intended to do. Additionally, it makes it possible for businesses to effortlessly maintain their product data and get top rankings in organic search to increase site traffic.

  • Website visit time increased by

    Website visit time increased by
  • The number of processed orders has increased by

    The number of processed orders has increased by
  • Integrated third-party services

    Integrated third-party services
  • The customer base grew by

    The customer base grew by
  • Website traffic for 5 years

    Website traffic for 5 years

Nespresso product
Mygento team was exceptionally efficient, professional, and talented. They managed the project with organization, great communication, and proactivity throughout, allowing Nespresso to implement the new eCommerce platform on schedule and on budget. The new system has enabled us to considerably expand our eCommerce company in Russia, with overall system performance much enhanced and more reliable during load peaks. A significant quantity of additional functionality that perfectly satisfies the requirements of our business has been effectively built by the Mygento team. There has been a lot of effort done, and the results cannot possibly be overstated.
nespresso Client review
Architecting a technology framework for a global tech giant
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