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B2C experience to make it beautiful



  • Strategy for Enterprise Architecture
  • Experience Consulting
  • Commerce Platform Delivery
  • Visual & UX design
  • Custom development
  • Custom Integrations
  • Mobile development
  • Performance evaluation
  • Security & Compliance
  • Continuous improvement
  • Improvements in Performance
  • Maintenance & Support


  • Magento
  • Adobe Commerce

A subsidiary of L'Oréal, NYX Professional Makeup is an American cosmetics brand. Toni Ko started the business in 1999 in Los Angeles. It was given the name Nyx after the Greek night goddess Nyx. The cruelty-free brand NYX Professional Makeup is "certified" and recognized by PETA, and they provide a large selection of vegan-friendly goods. Many different types of retailers, including standalone storefronts, corporate websites, and specialized beauty and fashion merchants, sell NYX goods in over 70 different countries.

Nyx product 1
Nyx product 2
Nyx product 3


Maintaining brand loyalty required NYX Professional Makeup to switch to a seamless customer platform that could provide a B2C experience. NYX contacted Mygento with certain aims in mind, including increasing B2C productivity and efficiency, lowering load times to accommodate peak email campaign traffic, developing an audience-specific, engaging experience and cutting down on incidents that put a heavy burden on the customer service team.

The former website for NYX was dull. The objective of Mygento was to transform the website experience from a transaction like that of a vending machine into an entertaining blend of events, content, and commerce.

Mygento was chosen by NYX because of our outstanding technical know-how and design capabilities. The competence that made it possible to rebuild the store, make it more fault-tolerant, and decrease the frequency of support incidents is the key benefit of Mygento. They trusted us to fully redesign the site's appearance and feel and bring their vision to reality. We were the perfect partner for their complicated requirements since they had confidence in our technological background.

  • Provide a strong and integrated B2C eCommerce experience
  • Lower the number of website operation incidents
  • Decrease load times during peak loads


Tech stack

  • Adobe Commerce
  • Nginx
  • Php-fpm
  • Apache Jmeter
  • Yandex Tank
  • NewRelic
  • Zabbix
  • Sentry

NYX team sought to achieve a result without a significant development budget and without developing everything from scratch for a second time.

Mygento began with a thorough code review intended to discover every issue and potential risk. We looked at the store's processes to identify any performance bottlenecks. These goals included enhancing the mobile user experience and adding internationally accessible capabilities to the already created website.

Solution Highlights

Within the deadlines, Mygento:


In no time, the NYX Professional Makeup website's performance significantly improved, with a dramatic drop in bounce rates. In addition to streamlining and optimizing NYX's website, Mygento improved the functionality as well as the visual appeal of our clients' websites.

  • The number of incidents was reduced by

  • Download speed improved by

  • Uptime reached a baseline of

  • E-commerce Conversion Rate increased by

The partnership between NYX and the Mygento team, who have been real partners throughout the process, could not be better. I was surprised at how quickly Mygento's platform evolved and expanded; each time I check in, I find a fresh feature that vastly enhances the user experience. The outcomes thus far have been fantastic. With Mygento, it's the process, the diligence, and the communication that stand out. The team's skill, talent, and expertise had me in awe. Mygento has always carried out its obligations.
Nyx Client review
Architecting a technology framework for a global tech giant
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Architecting a technology framework for a global tech giant