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UI/UX design

The user experience is crucial. Create a digital experience that is optimized for conversion and engagement to help you meet your growth goals.

Putting yourself in the client's shoes will help you create amazing customer experiences. You reach your hypothesis for how to develop customer experiences in this manner.

Great design does more than just make you feel good; it addresses issues in surprising ways.
  • A fantastic customer experience will make 86% of buyers willing to pay more
  • 83% of executives think that dangers to revenue and market share come from unimproved UX
  • Customers abandoned a website in 48% of cases because they thought it was poorly selected for them, in 88.0% of cases because of slow loading 88.0%, and in 61.5% of cases because of bad navigation.

What we do

We bring your brand to life through a visual journey that your customers will adore once we have a highly detailed understanding of your audience and your place.

The result

  • A superior brand experience
  • A convenient user experience
  • Unified commerce and content

Key services include

  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Customer Behavior Analysis
  • UX Enhancements
  • Accessibility

Why is customer experience important?

Experience-led businesses have an average order value that is 1.9 times greater, 1.5 times higher employee satisfaction, and 1.6 times more brand recognition.

88% less customers are likely to return after one unpleasant experience with a brand's website.

Companies with effective omnichannel customer experience strategies often keep 89% of their customers, compared to 33% of their rivals with ineffective omnichannel strategies.

At Mygento, we help e-commerce companies in creating attractive online storefronts that attract paying customers. Rich aesthetics, ecommerce psychology, and technological expertise are all combined by our UX to help your company create top-notch digital experiences.

What Mygento offers in terms of ecom creative & design services

UX, online, and app design

CX-driven eCommerce design to boost conversions and boost return on investment

Wireframes development

Conversion-optimized wireframes prototyping based on the results of the UX audit. Definition of layout, content, and functionality

Validation and iteration

The project's visual framework, the pattern library (user interface design elements), and source files that are mobile and desktop optimized

We work together with our clients to develop distinctive and interesting digital ecommerce sites, and we always follow the data. Deep expertise and close attention to detail are necessary for great ecommerce design. Every step of the customer journey, including product pages and categories, shopping carts, checkout procedures, and customer care, may be optimized with the help of Mygento.

The Mygento process


A workshop is the ideal approach to kick off a project since it allows us to better understand your needs and objectives. The discovery phase is where we get to know you, your business, and your goals. Here, we establish a strong basis for your overall visual identity and decide what should be updated, improved upon, and expanded.


During the early workshops, we also establish high-level customer journeys and pinpoint your key client categories and personas. The broad layout of your e-commerce site and the functionality that will be required to support your main journeys and goals are decided upon based on our initial findings. This usually includes journey titles like "attract customers," "product consideration," "acquisition," "help and services," and "loyalty and retention.


The next stage is design, where the concepts and visions are given physical form. We have a quick procedure for developing style guides and design screens, then sharing the necessary information with you for approval before moving further. We produce interactive prototypes to test and confirm the solution before implementation once you are satisfied with those drafts. This guarantees quick outcomes for your company.

Strategy and consulting

  • Build a strong foundation for your site's overall visual style.
  • Create important customer personas, segments, and journeys.
  • Work with you to determine the desired feel, style, and functionality.
  • To test and validate the solution, create interactive prototypes.
  • Deliver distinctive, efficient user interfaces that work.

Design is a procedure. To stay on the cutting edge of the industry, we promote a growth attitude and upskill continually. Ecommerce is a continually evolving and changing industry, therefore remaining flexible and adaptable is essential to success. We're here to assist you in exceeding the expectations of your potential customer, who demands the greatest purchasing experience possible.

We at Mygento are specialists in everything ecommerce. We collaborate on successful consumer experiences every day with brands, retailers, and manufacturers from around the world. Build an e-commerce site that gives your brand a competitive edge with our assistance. We'd love to help you advance your e-commerce design and solution design. To explore how we can help you enhance your e-commerce experiences and help you stand out from your competition, get in contact with our team of specialists.